Observations: Weather station

No data for Synop station Tecuci (152650) available!

Weather station in the area

Adjud (SYNOP 152190)
Maicanesti (SYNOP 152870)

Similar station names

Weatherstation Tucumcari (METAR KTCC)
Weatherstation Tucumcari (METAR IATA_TCC)
Weatherstation Tulnici (SYNOP 152410)
Weatherstation Tucurui (METAR SBTU)
Weatherstation Tucurui (SYNOP 823610)
Weatherstation Tucurui (SYNOP 823600)
Weatherstation Tetjusi (SYNOP 276970)
Weatherstation Teguise (METAR ES_C839I)
Weatherstation Van (METAR LTCI)
Weatherstation Tuli (SYNOP 679670)
Weatherstation Tucumcari (METAR KTCC)
Weatherstation Teli (SYNOP 360780)
Weatherstation Sakon-Nakhon (METAR VTUI)
Weatherstation Rocksprings (METAR KECU)
Weatherstation Punta-Arenas-Pre (METAR SCCI)
Weatherstation Manchester-Intl (METAR EGCC)
Weatherstation Hato-Air-Curacao (METAR TNCC)
Weatherstation Giebelstadt (METAR ETEU)
Weatherstation Diyarbakir (METAR LTCC)
Weatherstation Cuenca-Mariscal (METAR SECU)

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