Observations: Weather station

No data for Synop station Tezpur (424150) available!

Weather station in the area

Tezpur (SYNOP 424150)
Tezpur (SYNOP 424150)
Tezpur (SYNOP 424150)

Similar station names

Weatherstation Tozeur (SYNOP 607600)
Weatherstation Ferozepur (SYNOP 420960)
Weatherstation Sheopur (SYNOP 424560)
Weatherstation Wroclaw-Strachow (METAR EPWR)
Weatherstation Uzur (SYNOP 306370)
Weatherstation Uzur (SYNOP 296530)
Weatherstation Uttaradit-East (METAR VTPU)
Weatherstation Tura (SYNOP 425110)
Weatherstation Tura (SYNOP 245070)
Weatherstation Tiree-Island (METAR EGPU)
Weatherstation Ters (SYNOP 384660)
Weatherstation Tepa (SYNOP 978900)
Weatherstation Roseau (METAR TDPR)
Weatherstation Roi-Et (METAR VTUR)
Weatherstation Radom-Airport (METAR EPRA)
Weatherstation Pudasjarvi (METAR EFPU)
Weatherstation Pruszcz-Gdanski (METAR EPPR)
Weatherstation Piura-Capt-Conch (METAR SPUR)
Weatherstation Parnu (METAR EEPU)
Weatherstation Jarvis-Island (METAR PLUR)

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