Observations: Weather station

No data for Synop station Tokushima (478950) available!

Weather station in the area

Komatsujima (METAR RJOP)
Komatsujima (SYNOP 478840)
Tokushima (METAR RJOS)
Tokushima (SYNOP 478810)

Similar station names

Weatherstation Tokushima (METAR RJOS)
Weatherstation Tokushima (SYNOP 478810)
Weatherstation Fukushima (SYNOP 475950)
Weatherstation Tokunoshima-Isla (METAR RJKN)
Weatherstation Tokma (SYNOP 301270)
Weatherstation Tokunoshima-Island (SYNOP 479100)
Weatherstation Tokmak (SYNOP 369110)
Weatherstation Oshima (SYNOP 476750)
Weatherstation Mkushi (SYNOP 675750)
Weatherstation Kohima (SYNOP 425270)
Weatherstation Joshimath (SYNOP 421160)
Weatherstation Hiroshima (SYNOP 477650)
Weatherstation Tokyo-Kashiwa (SYNOP 476950)
Weatherstation Matsushima (METAR RJST)
Weatherstation Matsushima (SYNOP 475910)
Weatherstation Tuimazy (SYNOP 287120)
Weatherstation Tokachi (METAR RJCT)
Weatherstation Tokachi (SYNOP 474905)
Weatherstation Meshima (SYNOP 478420)
Weatherstation Schriever-Airport,-Colorado-Springs (METAR KSHM)

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