Observations: Weather station

No data for Synop station Toronto-Island (712655) available!

Weather station in the area

Toronto City (METAR CXTO)
Toronto Il Vor (METAR CYTZ)
Toronto Il Vor (METAR IATA_YTZ)
Toronto Il Vor (SYNOP 712650)
Toronto Headlands (SYNOP 712840)
Toronto City (SYNOP 715080)
Toronto Buttonvi (METAR CYKZ)
Toronto/Pearson (METAR CYYZ)
Toronto Buttonvi (METAR IATA_YKZ)
Toronto/Pearson (METAR IATA_YYZ)
Toronto Buttonville (SYNOP 712643)
Toronto/Pearson (SYNOP 716240)
Toronto Aes Hq (SYNOP 716380)
Toronto Buttonvi (SYNOP 716390)

Similar station names

Weatherstation Yoron-Island (METAR RORY)
Weatherstation Yoron-Island (SYNOP 479425)
Weatherstation Troughton-Island (SYNOP 941020)
Weatherstation Taro-Island (SYNOP 915020)
Weatherstation Horn-Island (METAR YHID)
Weatherstation Thorney-Island (SYNOP 038720)
Weatherstation Toronto-Headlands (SYNOP 712840)
Weatherstation Totland (SYNOP 038730)
Weatherstation Tortosa (SYNOP 082380)
Weatherstation Tioman-Island (METAR WMBT)
Weatherstation Porto-Santo-Isla (METAR LPPS)
Weatherstation Marion-Island (METAR FAME)
Weatherstation Marion-Island (SYNOP 689940)
Weatherstation Koolan-Island (SYNOP 942060)
Weatherstation Canton-Island (SYNOP 917010)
Weatherstation Broughton-Island (METAR IATA_WVD)
Weatherstation Broughton-Island (METAR CWVD)
Weatherstation Broughton-Island (SYNOP 710960)
Weatherstation Wood-Island (SYNOP 726156)
Weatherstation Unst-Island (METAR EGPW)

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