Observations: Weather station

No data for Synop station Turda (151430) available!

Weather station in the area

Campia Turzii (METAR LRCT)
Cluj-Napoca/Some (METAR LRCL)
Cluj-Napoca (SYNOP 151200)

Similar station names

Weatherstation Tura (SYNOP 425110)
Weatherstation Tura (SYNOP 245070)
Weatherstation Turan (SYNOP 360920)
Weatherstation Taura (METAR SETA)
Weatherstation Taura (SYNOP 841250)
Weatherstation Turpan (SYNOP 515730)
Weatherstation Turgaj (SYNOP 353580)
Weatherstation Turaif (METAR OETR)
Weatherstation Turaif (SYNOP 403560)
Weatherstation Tudela (METAR ES_9302Y)
Weatherstation Urda (SYNOP 345810)
Weatherstation Udon-Thani (METAR VTUD)
Weatherstation Turiacu (SYNOP 821980)
Weatherstation Tulsa-Rfc (METAR KTUA)
Weatherstation Tula (SYNOP 277190)
Weatherstation Tsuruga (SYNOP 476310)
Weatherstation Tegucigalpa (METAR TRPA)
Weatherstation Teberda (SYNOP 371930)
Weatherstation Taua (SYNOP 826830)
Weatherstation Tara (SYNOP 284930)

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