Observations: Weather station

No data for Synop station Urumqi (514630) available!

Weather station in the area

Urum-Qi/Diwopu (SYNOP 514635)
Urum-Qi/Diwopu (METAR ZWWW)

Similar station names

Weatherstation Urmi (SYNOP 316240)
Weatherstation Urzum (SYNOP 283070)
Weatherstation Urucui (SYNOP 827710)
Weatherstation Orumieh (METAR OITR)
Weatherstation Orumieh (SYNOP 407120)
Weatherstation Wuchia-Observato (METAR RCMQ)
Weatherstation Vitebsk (METAR UMII)
Weatherstation Uytash (METAR URML)
Weatherstation Unknown (METAR UMLI)
Weatherstation Stavropol-Shpako (METAR URMT)
Weatherstation Salisbury-Rowan (METAR KRUQ)
Weatherstation Rumford (METAR KRUM)
Weatherstation Puqi (SYNOP 575830)
Weatherstation Ostafyevo-Intl (METAR UUMO)
Weatherstation Nalchik (METAR URMN)
Weatherstation Mys-Schmidta (METAR UHMI)
Weatherstation Mineralyne-Vody (METAR URMM)
Weatherstation Maykop (METAR URKM)
Weatherstation Masindi (METAR HUMI)
Weatherstation Manteo-Dare-Co (METAR KMQI)

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