Observations: Weather station

No data for Synop station Utsira (014030) available!

Weather station in the area

Rover (SYNOP 014140)
Rover (SYNOP 014140)
Haugesund/Karmoy (METAR ENHD)
Haugesund Airport (SYNOP 014080)
Rover (SYNOP 014140)

Similar station names

Weatherstation Navoi (METAR UTSA)
Weatherstation Utica (METAR KUCA)
Weatherstation Utica (METAR IATA_UCA)
Weatherstation Ustica (SYNOP 164000)
Weatherstation Umirea (SYNOP 154090)
Weatherstation Kasira (SYNOP 276270)
Weatherstation Antsirabe (METAR FMME)
Weatherstation Antsirabe (SYNOP 671070)
Weatherstation Utsunomiya (METAR RJTU)
Weatherstation Utsunomiya (SYNOP 476920)
Weatherstation Utsunomiya (SYNOP 476150)
Weatherstation Ushuaia (METAR SAWH)
Weatherstation Ushuaia (SYNOP 879380)
Weatherstation Masirah (METAR OOMA)
Weatherstation Masirah (SYNOP 412880)
Weatherstation Katsina (METAR DNKT)
Weatherstation Katsina (SYNOP 650280)
Weatherstation Artesia (METAR KATS)
Weatherstation Artesia (METAR IATA_ATS)
Weatherstation Wilmington-Rfc (METAR KTIR)

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