Observations: Weather station

No data for Synop station Vaduz (069900) available!

Weather station in the area

Feldkirch (SYNOP 111050)
Hohenems-Dornbir (METAR LOIH)
Rheineck/Altenrh (METAR LSZR)
Saentis (SYNOP 066800)
Saint Gallen (SYNOP 066810)
Rheineck/Altenrhein (SYNOP 066900)
Rheineck/Altenrhein (SYNOP 066910)
Bregenz (SYNOP 111010)
Hohenems/Dornbirn (SYNOP 111030)
Dornbirn (SYNOP 113020)

Similar station names

Weatherstation Valdez (METAR PAVD)
Weatherstation Valdez (METAR IATA_VDZ)
Weatherstation Valdez (SYNOP 702754)
Weatherstation Valdez (SYNOP 702750)
Weatherstation Vulcan-Vor (METAR KVUZ)
Weatherstation Vamdrup (METAR EKVD)
Weatherstation Vamdrup (SYNOP 061080)
Weatherstation Moody-Afb-Valdos (METAR KVAD)
Weatherstation Kunduz (METAR OAUZ)
Weatherstation Khandwa (METAR VAKD)
Weatherstation Indore (METAR VAID)
Weatherstation In-Amenas-Zarzai (METAR DAUZ)
Weatherstation Dutch-Harbor (METAR PADU)
Weatherstation Darwaz (METAR OADZ)
Weatherstation Aurangabad-Airport (METAR VAAU)
Weatherstation Audubon (METAR KADU)
Weatherstation Veracruz (METAR MMVR)
Weatherstation Veracruz (SYNOP 766920)
Weatherstation Valdez-2 (SYNOP 702756)
Weatherstation Raduzhny (METAR USNR)

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