Observations: Weather station

No data for Synop station Valkenburg (062100) available!

Weather station in the area

Valkenburg (METAR EHVB)
Rotterdam Airport (METAR EHRD)
Ypenburg Rnlafb (METAR EHYB)
Ypenburg Rnlafb (SYNOP 062000)
Ijmuiden (SYNOP 062250)
Rotterdam (SYNOP 063440)

Similar station names

Weatherstation Valkenburg (METAR EHVB)
Weatherstation Dahlenburg (SYNOP 100903)
Weatherstation Oldenburg (SYNOP 102150)
Weatherstation Galesburg (METAR KGBG)
Weatherstation Galesburg (METAR IATA_GBG)
Weatherstation Flensburg (METAR EDXF)
Weatherstation Laufenburg (SYNOP 066490)
Weatherstation Ellensburg (METAR KELN)
Weatherstation Ellensburg (METAR IATA_ELN)
Weatherstation Vallenar (METAR SCLL)
Weatherstation Vallenar (SYNOP 854860)
Weatherstation Sandburg (SYNOP 723830)
Weatherstation Parkersburg (METAR KPKB)
Weatherstation Parkersburg (METAR IATA_PKB)
Weatherstation Parkersburg (SYNOP 724270)
Weatherstation Orenburg (SYNOP 351210)
Weatherstation Barentsburg (SYNOP 201070)
Weatherstation Vicksburg (METAR KVKS)
Weatherstation Vicksburg (METAR IATA_VKS)
Weatherstation Shaleburn (SYNOP 685720)

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