Observations: Weather station

No data for Synop station Valle (014440) available!

Weather station in the area

Valle (SYNOP 014440)
Hovden-Lundane (SYNOP 014410)
Valle (SYNOP 014440)
Hovden-Lundane (SYNOP 014410)

Similar station names

Weatherstation Valley (METAR EGOV)
Weatherstation Valley (SYNOP 033020)
Weatherstation Vale (SYNOP 375080)
Weatherstation Valls (METAR ES_0034X)
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Weatherstation Vallenar (METAR SCLL)
Weatherstation Vallenar (SYNOP 854860)
Weatherstation Val (SYNOP 219780)
Weatherstation Valdez (METAR PAVD)
Weatherstation Valdez (METAR IATA_VDZ)
Weatherstation Valdez (SYNOP 702754)
Weatherstation Valdez (SYNOP 702750)
Weatherstation Valleseco (METAR ES_C665T)
Weatherstation Vacaville (METAR KVCB)
Weatherstation Vacaville (METAR KO45)
Weatherstation Vacaville (METAR IATA_VCB)
Weatherstation Vacaville (METAR IATA_O45)
Weatherstation Wallace (METAR KACZ)
Weatherstation Wallace (METAR IATA_ACZ)
Weatherstation Wall (METAR K6V4)

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