Observations: Weather station

No data for Metar station Valley (EGOV) available!

Weather station in the area

Valley (SYNOP 033020)
Mona (SYNOP 033010)
Amlwch (SYNOP 033030)
Porthdynllaen (SYNOP 034010)

Similar station names

Weatherstation Valley (SYNOP 033020)
Weatherstation Valle (SYNOP 014440)
Weatherstation Vale (SYNOP 375080)
Weatherstation Valleyview (METAR CXVW)
Weatherstation Bow-Valley (METAR IATA_WXA)
Weatherstation Bow-Valley (METAR CWXA)
Weatherstation Bow-Valley (SYNOP 712320)
Weatherstation Valls (METAR ES_0034X)
Weatherstation Galle (SYNOP 434950)
Weatherstation Vallenar (METAR SCLL)
Weatherstation Vallenar (SYNOP 854860)
Weatherstation Valleyfield (SYNOP 713725)
Weatherstation Valley-City (METAR KBAC)
Weatherstation Valley-City (METAR IATA_BAC)
Weatherstation Valleseco (METAR ES_C665T)
Weatherstation Valdez (METAR PAVD)
Weatherstation Valdez (METAR IATA_VDZ)
Weatherstation Valdez (SYNOP 702754)
Weatherstation Valdez (SYNOP 702750)
Weatherstation Val (SYNOP 219780)

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