Observations: Weather station

No data for Synop station Vancouver-Intl.-Airport (718920) available!

Weather station in the area

Vancouver (METAR CWHC)
Vancouver Intl. A (METAR CYVR)
Vancouver (METAR IATA_WHC)
Vancouver Intl. A (METAR IATA_YVR)
Vancouver (SYNOP 712010)
Pacific Wx Center (SYNOP 712015)
Sand Heads (METAR CWVF)
W Vancouver (METAR CWWA)
W Vancouver (METAR IATA_WWA)
Sand Heads (SYNOP 712045)
W Vancouver (SYNOP 717840)
Pam Rocks (SYNOP 718903)

Similar station names

Weatherstation Vancouver-Intl-A (METAR IATA_YVR)
Weatherstation Vancouver-Intl-A (METAR CYVR)
Weatherstation Gander-Intl-Airport (SYNOP 718030)
Weatherstation Cancun-Intl-Airport (SYNOP 765906)
Weatherstation Bangor-Intl-Airport (SYNOP 726088)
Weatherstation San-Jose-Intl-Airport (SYNOP 724945)
Weatherstation Gan-Intl-Airport (METAR VRMG)
Weatherstation Piarco-Intl-Airport (SYNOP 789700)
Weatherstation Hewanorra-Intl-Airport (SYNOP 789480)
Weatherstation Anchorage-Intl-Airport (SYNOP 702733)
Weatherstation Anchorage-Intl-Airport (SYNOP 702730)
Weatherstation Spokane-Intl-Airport (SYNOP 727850)
Weatherstation Nausori-Intl-Airport (SYNOP 916830)
Weatherstation Santiago-Intl-Airport (SYNOP 784600)
Weatherstation Santarem-Intl-Airport (METAR SBSN)
Weatherstation Santarem-Intl-Airport (SYNOP 822440)
Weatherstation San-Juan-Intl-Airport (SYNOP 785260)
Weatherstation Perth-Intl-Airport (METAR APPH)
Weatherstation Minot-Intl-Airport (SYNOP 727676)
Weatherstation Kandahar-Intl-Airport (METAR OAKN)

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