Observations: Weather station

No data for Metar station Varkaus (EFVR) available!

Weather station in the area

Varkaus (SYNOP 029474)
Joroinen Varkaus air (SYNOP 027480)
Varkaus Kosulanniemi (SYNOP 028500)

Similar station names

Weatherstation Varkaus (SYNOP 029474)
Weatherstation Rajkot (METAR VARK)
Weatherstation Austin (METAR KAUS)
Weatherstation Aurangabad-Airport (METAR VAAU)
Weatherstation Varna (METAR LBWN)
Weatherstation Varna (SYNOP 155520)
Weatherstation Varanasi (SYNOP 424830)
Weatherstation Vaasa (METAR EFVA)
Weatherstation Vaasa (SYNOP 029110)
Weatherstation Markansu (SYNOP 387440)
Weatherstation Jarablus (SYNOP 400050)
Weatherstation Harku (SYNOP 260380)
Weatherstation Vassouras (SYNOP 837420)
Weatherstation Garanhuns (SYNOP 828930)
Weatherstation Varena (SYNOP 267370)
Weatherstation Vacoas (SYNOP 619950)
Weatherstation Parkes (SYNOP 947170)
Weatherstation Nakusp (METAR IATA_WNP)
Weatherstation Nakusp (METAR CWNP)
Weatherstation Nakusp (SYNOP 712160)

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