Observations: Weather station

No data for Synop station Virgen (112520) available!

Weather station in the area

Dobbiaco (METAR LIVD)
Krimml (SYNOP 111360)
Alpinzentrum Rudolf (SYNOP 111380)
Felbertauern/Sudpor (SYNOP 112020)
Dobbiaco (SYNOP 160330)

Similar station names

Weatherstation Gan-Island (METAR VRGN)
Weatherstation Siren (METAR KRZN)
Weatherstation Siren (METAR IATA_RZN)
Weatherstation Virginia (SYNOP 946710)
Weatherstation Varena (SYNOP 267370)
Weatherstation Urgenc (SYNOP 383960)
Weatherstation Meiringen (METAR LSMM)
Weatherstation Lingen (SYNOP 103050)
Weatherstation Bergen (METAR ETGB)
Weatherstation Bergen (SYNOP 102380)
Weatherstation Verhni-Nergen (SYNOP 316610)
Weatherstation Cabo-Virgenes (SYNOP 879280)
Weatherstation Vlissingen (METAR EHFS)
Weatherstation Vlissingen (SYNOP 063100)
Weatherstation Grimbergen (METAR EBGB)
Weatherstation Xingren (SYNOP 579020)
Weatherstation Villena (METAR ES_8008Y)
Weatherstation Vilhena (METAR SBVH)
Weatherstation Vilhena (SYNOP 832080)
Weatherstation Vicenza (METAR LIPT)

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