Observations: Weather station

No data for Synop station Wajir (636710) available!

Weather station in the area

Wajir (SYNOP 636710)

Similar station names

Weatherstation Wajir (METAR HKWJ)
Weatherstation Sarmi-Orai (METAR WAJI)
Weatherstation Wajima (SYNOP 476000)
Weatherstation Wamena-Irian-Jay (METAR WAJW)
Weatherstation Waiouru (SYNOP 933340)
Weatherstation Toli-Toli-Lalos (METAR WAMI)
Weatherstation Saumlaki (METAR WAPI)
Weatherstation Rengat-Japura (METAR WIPR)
Weatherstation Pretoria-Irene (METAR FAIR)
Weatherstation Namlea-Buru-Isla (METAR WAPR)
Weatherstation Nabire-Irian-Jay (METAR WABI)
Weatherstation Morotai-Pitu (METAR WAMR)
Weatherstation Manokwari-Rendan (METAR WASR)
Weatherstation Madiun-Iswahyud (METAR WIAR)
Weatherstation Juanda (METAR WARR)
Weatherstation Jayapura-Sentani (METAR WAJJ)
Weatherstation Erieau (METAR CWAJ)
Weatherstation Creston (METAR CWJR)
Weatherstation Bellaire-Vor (METAR KAIR)
Weatherstation Assiniboia-Airport (METAR CWJI)

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