Observations: Weather station

No data for Metar station Wajir (HKWJ) available!

Weather station in the area

Wajir (SYNOP 636710)
Wajir (SYNOP 636710)
Wajir (SYNOP 636710)

Similar station names

Weatherstation Wajir (SYNOP 636710)
Weatherstation Sarmi-Orai (METAR WAJI)
Weatherstation Wajima (SYNOP 476000)
Weatherstation Wamena-Irian-Jay (METAR WAJW)
Weatherstation Waiouru (SYNOP 933340)
Weatherstation Toli-Toli-Lalos (METAR WAMI)
Weatherstation Saumlaki (METAR WAPI)
Weatherstation Rengat-Japura (METAR WIPR)
Weatherstation Pretoria-Irene (METAR FAIR)
Weatherstation Namlea-Buru-Isla (METAR WAPR)
Weatherstation Nabire-Irian-Jay (METAR WABI)
Weatherstation Morotai-Pitu (METAR WAMR)
Weatherstation Manokwari-Rendan (METAR WASR)
Weatherstation Madiun-Iswahyud (METAR WIAR)
Weatherstation Juanda (METAR WARR)
Weatherstation Jayapura-Sentani (METAR WAJJ)
Weatherstation Erieau (METAR CWAJ)
Weatherstation Creston (METAR CWJR)
Weatherstation Bellaire-Vor (METAR KAIR)
Weatherstation Assiniboia-Airport (METAR CWJI)

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