Observations: Weather station

No data for Metar station Wales (PAIW) available!

Weather station in the area

Tin City Afs (METAR PATC)
Wales (SYNOP 701160)
Tin City Afs (SYNOP 701170)

Similar station names

Weatherstation Wales (SYNOP 701160)
Weatherstation Walden (METAR K33V)
Weatherstation Wahlen (SYNOP 105350)
Weatherstation Naples (METAR KQLQ)
Weatherstation Whistler (METAR CWAE)
Weatherstation Wallops-Island (METAR KWAL)
Weatherstation Wallace (METAR KACZ)
Weatherstation Wallace (METAR IATA_ACZ)
Weatherstation Wall (METAR K6V4)
Weatherstation Wall (METAR IATA_6V4)
Weatherstation Walgett (SYNOP 947150)
Weatherstation Vale (SYNOP 375080)
Weatherstation Staples (METAR KSAZ)
Weatherstation Staples (METAR IATA_SAZ)
Weatherstation Sorong-Jefman (METAR WASS)
Weatherstation Soroako-Luwu (METAR WAAS)
Weatherstation Sepinggan (METAR WALL)
Weatherstation Santiago-Labacol (METAR LEST)
Weatherstation San-Sebastian-Fu (METAR LESO)
Weatherstation Samarinda-Temind (METAR WRLS)

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