Observations: Weather station

No data for Metar station Walhalla (K96D) available!

Weather station in the area

Walhalla (METAR IATA_96D)
Morden (SYNOP 715640)

Similar station names

Weatherstation Walhalla (METAR IATA_96D)
Weatherstation Whyalla (SYNOP 956640)
Weatherstation Whyalla (SYNOP 946640)
Weatherstation Wasilla (METAR PAWS)
Weatherstation Wasilla (METAR IATA_IYS)
Weatherstation Wallace (METAR KACZ)
Weatherstation Wallace (METAR IATA_ACZ)
Weatherstation Wall (METAR K6V4)
Weatherstation Wall (METAR IATA_6V4)
Weatherstation Wall-Blake (METAR TQPF)
Weatherstation Wall-Blake (SYNOP 788460)
Weatherstation Sepinggan (METAR WALL)
Weatherstation Salalah (METAR OOSA)
Weatherstation Salalah (SYNOP 413160)
Weatherstation Malilla (SYNOP 025660)
Weatherstation Malilla (SYNOP 025650)
Weatherstation Hasanuddin-Ujung (METAR WAAA)
Weatherstation Awassa (METAR HALA)
Weatherstation Strathallan (SYNOP 031440)
Weatherstation Walikale (SYNOP 641700)

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