Observations: Weather station

No data for Synop station Weesen (066840) available!

Weather station in the area

Taenikon (SYNOP 066790)
Glarus (SYNOP 066850)
Hoernli (SYNOP 066890)
Donaueschingen (SYNOP 107381)

Similar station names

Weatherstation Uetersen (SYNOP 101440)
Weatherstation Wendelstein (SYNOP 109800)
Weatherstation Wiesbaden (METAR ETOU)
Weatherstation Wiesbaden (SYNOP 106330)
Weatherstation West-Bend (METAR KETB)
Weatherstation West-Bend (METAR IATA_ETB)
Weatherstation Weiden (METAR EDQW)
Weatherstation Weiden (SYNOP 106880)
Weatherstation Weelde (METAR EBWE)
Weatherstation Weelde (SYNOP 064655)
Weatherstation Weelde (SYNOP 064620)
Weatherstation Leavesden (METAR EGTI)
Weatherstation Leavesden (SYNOP 037815)
Weatherstation Wiesenburg (SYNOP 103680)
Weatherstation Wepener (SYNOP 685500)
Weatherstation Wenshan (SYNOP 569940)
Weatherstation Resende (METAR SBRS)
Weatherstation Resende (SYNOP 837380)
Weatherstation Goesgen (SYNOP 066260)
Weatherstation Giessen (METAR EDIA)

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