Observations: Weather station

No data for Synop station Werl (104240) available!

Weather station in the area

Dortmund/Wickede (METAR EDLW)
Dortmund/Wickede (SYNOP 104160)
Arnsberg (SYNOP 104250)

Similar station names

Weatherstation Worland (METAR KWRL)
Weatherstation Tarakan-Juwata (METAR WRLR)
Weatherstation Tanjung-Selor (METAR WRLG)
Weatherstation Tanjung-Redep-Be (METAR WRLK)
Weatherstation Tanahgrogot (METAR WRLH)
Weatherstation Sangkulirang (METAR WRLU)
Weatherstation Samarinda-Temind (METAR WRLS)
Weatherstation Raxaul (METAR VERL)
Weatherstation Longbawan-Juvai (METAR WRLB)
Weatherstation Larantuka-Gewaye (METAR WRKL)
Weatherstation Ile-D'Orleans (METAR CWER)
Weatherstation Entrance-Island (METAR CWEL)
Weatherstation Balikpapan-Sepin (METAR WRLL)
Weatherstation Westerly (METAR KWST)
Weatherstation Westerly (METAR IATA_WST)
Weatherstation Wells (METAR K9BB)
Weatherstation Wells (METAR IATA_9BB)
Weatherstation Waterloo (METAR KALO)
Weatherstation Waterloo (METAR IATA_ALO)
Weatherstation Winner (METAR KSFD)

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