Observations: Weather station

No data for Synop station Wimis (067310) available!

Weather station in the area

Bern/Belp (METAR LSZB)
Bern/Belp (SYNOP 066303)
Bern-Zollikofen (SYNOP 066310)
Interlaken (SYNOP 067340)
Adelboden (SYNOP 067350)

Similar station names

Weatherstation Sibolga-Pinangso (METAR WIMS)
Weatherstation Achmad-Yani (METAR WIIS)
Weatherstation Victoria-Beach (METAR CWII)
Weatherstation Upsala (METAR CWIM)
Weatherstation Toli-Toli-Lalos (METAR WAMI)
Weatherstation Telukbetung-Bran (METAR WIIT)
Weatherstation Tebingtinggi-Pab (METAR WIMT)
Weatherstation Soekarno-Hatta-I (METAR WIII)
Weatherstation Sintang-Susilo (METAR WIOS)
Weatherstation Singkep-Dabo (METAR WIKS)
Weatherstation Singkawang-Ii (METAR WIOI)
Weatherstation Semnan (METAR OIIS)
Weatherstation Sabzevar (METAR OIMS)
Weatherstation Piacenza (METAR LIMS)
Weatherstation Padang-Tabing (METAR WIMG)
Weatherstation Missouri-Val-I29 (METAR XMIS)
Weatherstation Miscou-Island (METAR CWMI)
Weatherstation Medan-Polonia (METAR WIMM)
Weatherstation Mcinnes-Island (METAR CWMS)
Weatherstation Malang-Abdul (METAR WIAS)

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