Observations: Weather station

No data for Synop station Wynau (066430) available!

Weather station in the area

Goesgen (SYNOP 066260)
Buchs-Aarau (SYNOP 066330)
Napf Mountain (SYNOP 066390)
Langenbruck (SYNOP 066420)
Ruenenberg (SYNOP 066450)

Similar station names

Weatherstation Wau (SYNOP 628800)
Weatherstation Wyanga (SYNOP 678890)
Weatherstation Yining (METAR ZWYN)
Weatherstation Wynyard (METAR IATA_WOY)
Weatherstation Wynyard (METAR CWOY)
Weatherstation Wynyard (SYNOP 718654)
Weatherstation Wynyard (SYNOP 718650)
Weatherstation Wyndham (SYNOP 942140)
Weatherstation Nauru-Island (METAR ANAU)
Weatherstation Natashquan-Airp (METAR CYNA)
Weatherstation Narrandera-Airport (METAR YNAR)
Weatherstation Mersing (METAR WMAU)
Weatherstation Kendari-Wolter (METAR WAAU)
Weatherstation Dryad-Point (METAR CWAU)
Weatherstation Ballina-Byron-Gateway-Airport (METAR YBNA)
Weatherstation Asau-Savai'I-Island (METAR NSAU)
Weatherstation Wyton (METAR EGUY)
Weatherstation Wyton (SYNOP 035660)
Weatherstation Wonju (METAR RKNW)
Weatherstation Wonju (SYNOP 471140)

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