Observations: Weather station

No data for Synop station Yasoge (408360) available!

Weather station in the area

Yasouj Airport (METAR OISY)
Yasoge (SYNOP 408360)

Similar station names

Weatherstation Yao (METAR RJOY)
Weatherstation Yao (SYNOP 477790)
Weatherstation Kvamskogen (SYNOP 013280)
Weatherstation Yaounde (METAR FKYS)
Weatherstation Yaounde (SYNOP 649500)
Weatherstation Kasongo (METAR FZOK)
Weatherstation Kasongo (SYNOP 642640)
Weatherstation Kaesong (SYNOP 470700)
Weatherstation Yass (SYNOP 957230)
Weatherstation Wagga-Wagga (METAR YSWG)
Weatherstation Wagga-Airport (METAR ASWG)
Weatherstation Urgoon (METAR OAOG)
Weatherstation Squamish (METAR CYSE)
Weatherstation Springdale-Muni (METAR KASG)
Weatherstation Shebirghan (METAR OASG)
Weatherstation Seldovia (METAR PASO)
Weatherstation Segou (METAR GASG)
Weatherstation Sage---Junction (METAR KSGE)
Weatherstation Page (METAR KPGO)
Weatherstation Page (METAR KPGA)

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