Observations: Weather station

No data for Synop station Yenbo (404390) available!

Weather station in the area

Yanbu (SYNOP 404400)

Similar station names

Weatherstation Yenbo (METAR OEYN)
Weatherstation Bodo-Vi (METAR ENBO)
Weatherstation Wharton (METAR EGNO)
Weatherstation Voss-Bomoen (METAR ENBM)
Weatherstation Ueno (SYNOP 476490)
Weatherstation Torp (METAR ENTO)
Weatherstation Svalbard-Longyea (METAR ENSB)
Weatherstation Stord-Soerstokke (METAR ENSO)
Weatherstation Statfjord-B-Oilp (METAR ENFB)
Weatherstation Senbong (SYNOP 470030)
Weatherstation Roros-Airport (METAR ENRO)
Weatherstation Reno (METAR KRNO)
Weatherstation Reno (METAR KFMG)
Weatherstation Reno (METAR IATA_RNO)
Weatherstation Reno (METAR IATA_FMG)
Weatherstation Reno (SYNOP 724887)
Weatherstation Paraburdoo-Airport (METAR YPBO)
Weatherstation Oseberg (METAR ENOA)
Weatherstation Orsta-Volda-Hovd (METAR ENOV)
Weatherstation Ornskoldsvik-Airport (METAR ESNO)

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