Observations: Weather station

No data for Synop station Zamboanga (988360) available!

Weather station in the area

Zamboanga (METAR RPMZ)
Zamboanga (SYNOP 988360)

Similar station names

Weatherstation Zamboanga (METAR RPMZ)
Weatherstation Zaoyang (SYNOP 572790)
Weatherstation Namangan (METAR UTKN)
Weatherstation Namangan (METAR UTFN)
Weatherstation Namangan (METAR IATA_NMA)
Weatherstation Namangan (SYNOP 386110)
Weatherstation Zamora (METAR ES_2614)
Weatherstation Zamora (SYNOP 766620)
Weatherstation Zamora (SYNOP 081300)
Weatherstation Paramonga (METAR SPPG)
Weatherstation Paramonga (SYNOP 845723)
Weatherstation Pamban (SYNOP 433630)
Weatherstation Darbhanga (SYNOP 423910)
Weatherstation Sumbawanga (METAR HTSU)
Weatherstation Sumbawanga (SYNOP 638810)
Weatherstation Hambantota (SYNOP 434970)
Weatherstation Battambang (METAR VDGB)
Weatherstation Battambang (SYNOP 489620)
Weatherstation Zapopan (SYNOP 766015)
Weatherstation Zamakta (SYNOP 307410)

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