Observations: Weather station

No data for Synop station Zaragoza (081600) available!

Weather station in the area

Zaragoza (METAR LEZA)
Zaragoza (METAR LEZG)
Zaragoza (SYNOP 081605)
Zaragoza (Valdespartera) (SYNOP ES_9434P)
Valmadrid (SYNOP ES_9501X)
Zaragoza (Canal) (SYNOP ES_9443V)

Similar station names

Weatherstation Zaragoza (METAR LEZG)
Weatherstation Zaragoza (METAR LEZA)
Weatherstation Zaragoza (SYNOP 081605)
Weatherstation Zagora (METAR GMAZ)
Weatherstation Zagora (SYNOP 602750)
Weatherstation Maraza (SYNOP 377560)
Weatherstation Tarragona (METAR ES_0042Y)
Weatherstation Tarragona (SYNOP 081760)
Weatherstation Zarautz (METAR ES_1036A)
Weatherstation Zaragoza-Canal (METAR ES_9443V)
Weatherstation Zaragoza-Ab-Nasa (METAR EQYZ)
Weatherstation Larraga (METAR ES_9280B)
Weatherstation Darvaza (SYNOP 385290)
Weatherstation Tarazona (METAR ES_9299X)
Weatherstation Sargodha (METAR OPSR)
Weatherstation Sargodha (SYNOP 415940)
Weatherstation Ozona (METAR IATA_OZA)
Weatherstation Dragoman (SYNOP 156050)
Weatherstation Carsanga (SYNOP 389150)
Weatherstation Barahona (METAR MDBH)

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