Observations: Weather station

No data for Synop station Zima (306030) available!

Weather station in the area

Zima (SYNOP 306030)
Zima (SYNOP 306030)
Zima (SYNOP 306030)

Similar station names

Weatherstation Miami-Artcc (METAR KZMA)
Weatherstation Lima (METAR KAOH)
Weatherstation Lima (METAR IATA_AOH)
Weatherstation Kisangani (METAR FZIA)
Weatherstation Bukavu-Kavumu (METAR FZMA)
Weatherstation Aeritalia (METAR LIMA)
Weatherstation Zaria (METAR DNZA)
Weatherstation Zaria (SYNOP 650300)
Weatherstation Simao (SYNOP 569640)
Weatherstation Liman (SYNOP 348870)
Weatherstation Kimba (SYNOP 946680)
Weatherstation Kijma (SYNOP 351630)
Weatherstation Jimma (METAR HAJM)
Weatherstation Jimma (SYNOP 634020)
Weatherstation Haima (METAR OOHA)
Weatherstation Haima (SYNOP 412943)
Weatherstation Bilma (METAR DRRI)
Weatherstation Bilma (SYNOP 610170)
Weatherstation Zumaia (METAR ES_1041A)
Weatherstation Zorita (METAR ES_4347X)

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