Storm glass observations

Diagram for 2020/04

Diagram of the storm glass measurements for 2020/04
01-04Crystals form slowlyCrystals disappearCrystals form slowly
02-04Crystals form slowlyCrystals disappearCrystals form slowly
03-04Crystals form slowlyCrystals disappear slowlyCrystals disappear slowly
04-04Crystals formCrystals disappearCrystals disappear slowly
05-04Crystals formCrystals disappearCrystals disappear slowly
06-04Crystals formCrystals disappearCrystals disappear
07-04Crystals form fastCrystals disappearCrystals disappear slowly
08-04Crystals form fastCrystals disappear fastCrystals disappear
09-04Crystals form fastCrystals disappear fastCrystals disappear
10-04Crystals formCrystals disappear fastCrystals disappear
11-04Crystals formCrystals disappear fastCrystals form
12-04Crystals formCrystals disappear fastCrystals disappear
13-04Crystals formCrystals disappearCrystals form
14-04Crystals formCrystals disappearCrystals disappear slowly
15-04Crystals formCrystals disappearCrystals disappear slowly
16-04Crystals formCrystals disappear fastCrystals disappear
17-04Crystals formCrystals disappear fastCrystals disappear
18-04Crystals formCrystals disappearCrystals disappear
19-04Crystals formCrystals disappearCrystals disappear slowly
20-04Crystals formCrystals disappearCrystals disappear
21-04Crystals formCrystals disappearCrystals disappear slowly
22-04Crystals formCrystals disappearCrystals disappear
23-04Crystals form slowlyCrystals disappearCrystals disappear
24-04Crystals form slowlyCrystals disappearCrystals disappear
25-04Crystals formCrystals disappear fastCrystals disappear slowly
26-04Crystals formCrystals disappear fastCrystals disappear
27-04Crystals form fastCrystals disappear fastCrystals disappear
28-04Crystals formCrystals disappearCrystals disappear
29-04Crystals formCrystals disappearCrystals disappear slowly
30-04Crystals formCrystals disappear slowlyCrystals disappear slowly

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