Storm glass observations

A storm glass allows you to predict the weather of the next 24 to 48 hours. Several crystal formations appear or disappear according to atmospherical changes.

The observations by tempsvrai started in July 2008. Here we show the results, so you can use these for your own forcast.

The current observation point is located at Nierstein, 15 kilometers south-southeast of Mainz.

More information about the storm glass are available at Wikipedia.

Diagram for 2024/07

Diagram of the storm glass measurements for 2024/07
01-07Crystals form fastCrystals form fastCrystals form fast
02-07Crystals form fastCrystals formCrystals form
03-07Crystals formCrystals form slowlyCrystals form slowly
04-07Crystals formCrystals disappear slowlyCrystals form slowly
05-07Crystals formCrystals disappear slowlyCrystals disappear slowly
06-07Crystals form slowlyCrystals disappear slowlyCrystals disappear slowly
07-07Crystals formCrystals disappearCrystals disappear slowly
08-07Crystals formCrystals disappearCrystals disappear slowly
09-07Crystals form slowlyCrystals disappearCrystals disappear slowly
10-07Crystals form slowlyCrystals disappear slowlyCrystals disappear slowly
11-07Crystals form slowlyCrystals disappearCrystals disappear slowly
12-07Crystals form slowlyCrystals disappearCrystals disappear slowly

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