Observations: Weather station

No data for Metar station Abakan (UNAA) available!

Weather station in the area

Hakasskata (SYNOP 298620)
Abakan (SYNOP 298650)
Minusinsk (SYNOP 298660)

Similar station names

Weatherstation Abakan (METAR UNKA)
Weatherstation Abakan (SYNOP 298650)
Weatherstation Aban (SYNOP 294850)
Weatherstation Agayakan (SYNOP 246840)
Weatherstation Ibadan (METAR DNIB)
Weatherstation Ibadan (SYNOP 652080)
Weatherstation Atbara (METAR HSAT)
Weatherstation Atbara (SYNOP 626800)
Weatherstation Astrakhan (METAR URWA)
Weatherstation Astrakhan (METAR IATA_ASF)
Weatherstation Aparan (SYNOP 376990)
Weatherstation Ankang (SYNOP 572450)
Weatherstation Ambala (SYNOP 421030)
Weatherstation Albany (METAR KALB)
Weatherstation Albany (METAR KABY)
Weatherstation Albany (METAR IATA_ALB)
Weatherstation Albany (METAR IATA_ABY)
Weatherstation Albany (SYNOP 725184)
Weatherstation Albarracn (METAR ES_8354X)
Weatherstation Abastumani (SYNOP 375030)

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