Observations: Weather station

No data for Synop station Abbeville (070050) available!

Weather station in the area

Abbeville (METAR LFOI)
Abbeville (SYNOP 070050)

Similar station names

Weatherstation Abbeville (METAR LFOI)
Weatherstation Asheville (METAR KAVL)
Weatherstation Asheville (METAR IATA_AVL)
Weatherstation Asheville (SYNOP 723150)
Weatherstation Libreville (SYNOP 645000)
Weatherstation Abbeville-Cc-Mem (METAR KIYA)
Weatherstation Abbeville-Cc-Mem (METAR K0R3)
Weatherstation Abbeville-Cc-Mem (METAR IATA_IYA)
Weatherstation Abbeville-Cc-Mem (METAR IATA_0R3)
Weatherstation Leeville (METAR K7R2)
Weatherstation Leeville (METAR IATA_7R2)
Weatherstation Leeville (SYNOP 722327)
Weatherstation Beeville (METAR KNIR)
Weatherstation Beeville (METAR IATA_NIR)
Weatherstation Robbinsville (METAR KN87)
Weatherstation Robbinsville (METAR IATA_N87)
Weatherstation Pineville (METAR KI16)
Weatherstation Pineville (METAR IATA_I16)
Weatherstation Pikeville (METAR K5I3)
Weatherstation Pikeville (METAR IATA_5I3)

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