Observations: Weather station

No data for Synop station Agri (170990) available!

Weather station in the area

Agri Airport (METAR LTCO)

Similar station names

Weatherstation Agri (METAR LTCB)
Weatherstation Iguazu-Cataratas (METAR SARI)
Weatherstation Grinnell-I80 (METAR XGRI)
Weatherstation Grand-Island (METAR KGRI)
Weatherstation Graaff-Reinet (METAR FAGR)
Weatherstation Gore (METAR HAGR)
Weatherstation Avon-Park (METAR KAGR)
Weatherstation Arwi (METAR GMMW)
Weatherstation Arti (SYNOP 284380)
Weatherstation Agra (METAR VIAG)
Weatherstation Agra (SYNOP 422610)
Weatherstation Agra (SYNOP 422600)
Weatherstation Pagri (SYNOP 557730)
Weatherstation Megri (SYNOP 379580)
Weatherstation Igrim (SYNOP 236290)
Weatherstation Grand-Island (METAR IATA_GRI)
Weatherstation Arico (METAR ES_C428T)
Weatherstation Agrinion (METAR LGAG)
Weatherstation Agrinion (SYNOP 166720)
Weatherstation Agha-Jari (METAR OIAG)

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