Observations: Weather station

No data for Synop station Ahtari (029240) available!

Weather station in the area

Ahtari Myllymaki (SYNOP 029240)

Similar station names

Weatherstation Ahtari (METAR EFHT)
Weatherstation Atar (METAR GQPA)
Weatherstation Atar (SYNOP 614210)
Weatherstation Arusha (METAR HTAR)
Weatherstation Ahar (SYNOP 407040)
Weatherstation Altar (SYNOP 761130)
Weatherstation Altai (SYNOP 442770)
Weatherstation Wrightst-Mcguire (METAR IATA_WRI)
Weatherstation Rocky-Mount (METAR IATA_RWI)
Weatherstation Riverton (METAR IATA_RIW)
Weatherstation Riverside-March (METAR IATA_RIV)
Weatherstation Rim---Pinedale (METAR IATA_RIM)
Weatherstation Rifle (METAR IATA_RIL)
Weatherstation Richmond (METAR IATA_RIC)
Weatherstation Rice-Lake (METAR IATA_RIE)
Weatherstation Rhinelander (METAR IATA_RHI)
Weatherstation Redlands (METAR IATA_REI)
Weatherstation Rancho-Murieta (METAR IATA_RIU)
Weatherstation March-Afb-88D (METAR IATA_RIX)
Weatherstation Hermiston (METAR IATA_HRI)

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