Observations: Weather station

No data for Synop station Akhisar (171840) available!

Weather station in the area

Akhisar (METAR LTBT)
Akhisar (SYNOP 171840)

Similar station names

Weatherstation Akhisar (METAR LTBT)
Weatherstation Sparta (METAR KSAR)
Weatherstation Hot-Springs (METAR KHSR)
Weatherstation Harrisburg (METAR KHAR)
Weatherstation Bay-St-Louis (METAR KHSA)
Weatherstation Aksa (SYNOP 309570)
Weatherstation Ahar (SYNOP 407040)
Weatherstation Achisay (SYNOP 381960)
Weatherstation Asmar (METAR OAAS)
Weatherstation Asmar (SYNOP 409340)
Weatherstation Amritsar (METAR VIAR)
Weatherstation Amritsar (SYNOP 420710)
Weatherstation Akita (SYNOP 475820)
Weatherstation Hissar (METAR VIHR)
Weatherstation Hissar (SYNOP 421310)
Weatherstation Bisary (SYNOP 354590)
Weatherstation Astara (SYNOP 379890)
Weatherstation Ashiya (METAR RJFA)
Weatherstation Ashiya (SYNOP 478030)
Weatherstation Arhara (SYNOP 315940)

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