Observations: Weather station

No data for Metar station Altus (KLTS) available!

Weather station in the area

Altus Afb (SYNOP 723520)
Altus/Quartz Mountain (SYNOP IATA_AXS)
Frederick/Altus (SYNOP IATA_FDR)
Altus/Quartz Mountain (METAR KAXS)
Frederick/Altus (METAR KFDR)

Similar station names

Weatherstation Alturas (METAR KS11)
Weatherstation Alturas (METAR KO00)
Weatherstation Alturas (METAR KAAT)
Weatherstation Alturas (METAR IATA_S11)
Weatherstation Alturas (METAR IATA_O00)
Weatherstation Alturas (METAR IATA_AAT)
Weatherstation Alturas (SYNOP 725958)
Weatherstation Aus (METAR FYAS)
Weatherstation Alusta (SYNOP 339590)
Weatherstation Alotau (METAR AYGN)
Weatherstation Altus-Afb (METAR IATA_LTS)
Weatherstation Altus-Afb (SYNOP 723520)
Weatherstation Zonguldak (METAR LTAS)
Weatherstation Tucson (METAR KTUS)
Weatherstation Thessaloniki-Mik (METAR LGTS)
Weatherstation Tessenei-Teseney (METAR HATS)
Weatherstation Tessalit (METAR GATS)
Weatherstation Sanliurfa-Gap (METAR LTCS)
Weatherstation Sakon-Nakhon (METAR VTUS)
Weatherstation Lichtenburg (METAR FALT)

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