Observations: Weather station

No data for Synop station Amot (024400) available!

Weather station in the area

Amot (SYNOP 024400)
Amot (SYNOP 024400)
Amot (SYNOP 024400)

Similar station names

Weatherstation Ternate-Babullah (METAR WAMT)
Weatherstation Mountain-Village (METAR PAMO)
Weatherstation Mossel-Bay (METAR FAMO)
Weatherstation Momote-Manus-Island (METAR AYMO)
Weatherstation Minot (METAR KMOT)
Weatherstation Meyerton (METAR FAMT)
Weatherstation Kotzebue (METAR PAOT)
Weatherstation Amraoti (SYNOP 429370)
Weatherstation Almonte (METAR ES_5858X)
Weatherstation Minot (METAR IATA_MOT)
Weatherstation Ayamonte (METAR ES_4549Y)
Weatherstation Aosta (SYNOP 160540)
Weatherstation Tommot (SYNOP 310050)
Weatherstation Sumoto (SYNOP 477760)
Weatherstation Kampot (SYNOP 489850)
Weatherstation Atmore (METAR CXAJ)
Weatherstation Atmore (SYNOP 712870)
Weatherstation Aomori (SYNOP 475750)
Weatherstation Anholt (SYNOP 060790)
Weatherstation Alotau (METAR AYGN)

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