Observations: Weather station

No data for Metar station Ankeny (KIKV) available!

Weather station in the area

Des Moines (METAR KDSM)
Des Moines Intl. (SYNOP 725460)
Altoona I80/Us65 (METAR XALT)
Des Moines I235 (METAR XDES)
Johnston/Desmoin (METAR IATA_DMX)
Slater Profiler (METAR IATA_SLA)
Johnston/Desmoin (METAR KDMX)
Des Moines (SYNOP 725459)
Slater Profiler (SYNOP 744490)
Ankeny I35 (METAR XANK)
Des Moines I35 (METAR XDSM)

Similar station names

Weatherstation Ankeny (METAR IATA_IKV)
Weatherstation Ankeny-I35 (METAR XANK)
Weatherstation Unken (SYNOP 111400)
Weatherstation Akeno (METAR RJOE)
Weatherstation Akeno (SYNOP 477300)
Weatherstation Aiken (METAR KAIK)
Weatherstation Aiken (METAR IATA_AIK)
Weatherstation Ankang (SYNOP 572450)
Weatherstation Yuma-Mcas (METAR KNYL)
Weatherstation Yangyang-Intl (METAR RKNY)
Weatherstation West-Yellowstone (METAR KWEY)
Weatherstation Wendover (METAR KENV)
Weatherstation Van-Nuys (METAR KVNY)
Weatherstation Ukiah (METAR KENI)
Weatherstation Soderhamn (METAR ESNY)
Weatherstation Sidney (METAR KSNY)
Weatherstation Santiago-Del-Est (METAR SANE)
Weatherstation Salida (METAR KANK)
Weatherstation Rygge (METAR ENRY)
Weatherstation Rhourd-Nouss (METAR DAEN)

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