Observations: Weather station

No data for Metar station Ashiya (RJFA) available!

Weather station in the area

Ashiya (SYNOP 478030)
Fukuoka/Itazuke (METAR RJFF)
Fukuoka (SYNOP 478070)
Fukuoka/Itazuke (SYNOP 478080)
Iizuka (SYNOP 478090)

Similar station names

Weatherstation Ashiya (SYNOP 478030)
Weatherstation Oshima (SYNOP 476750)
Weatherstation Asahikawa (METAR RJCA)
Weatherstation Asahikawa (SYNOP 474770)
Weatherstation Asahikawa (SYNOP 474070)
Weatherstation Arusha (METAR HTAR)
Weatherstation Arusha (SYNOP 637890)
Weatherstation Antsohihy (SYNOP 670200)
Weatherstation Anshan (SYNOP 543390)
Weatherstation Amasya (SYNOP 170850)
Weatherstation Ushuaia (METAR SAWH)
Weatherstation Ushuaia (SYNOP 879380)
Weatherstation Shiriya (SYNOP 475770)
Weatherstation Meshima (SYNOP 478420)
Weatherstation Astoria (METAR KAST)
Weatherstation Astoria (METAR IATA_AST)
Weatherstation Ashland (METAR KASX)
Weatherstation Ashland (METAR IATA_ASX)
Weatherstation Ashabad (METAR KQGS)
Weatherstation Ashabad (SYNOP 388800)

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