Observations: Weather station

No data for Metar station Aviano (LIYW) available!

Weather station in the area

Aviano Ab (METAR KQHJ)
Aviano Ab (METAR KQHK)
Aviano (SYNOP 160360)
Aviano (SYNOP 160365)
Aviano (SYNOP 160370)

Similar station names

Weatherstation Aviano (METAR LIPA)
Weatherstation Aviano (SYNOP 160370)
Weatherstation Aviano (SYNOP 160365)
Weatherstation Aviano (SYNOP 160360)
Weatherstation Avno (METAR EKAV)
Weatherstation Avno (SYNOP 061500)
Weatherstation Aviano-Ab (METAR KQHK)
Weatherstation Aviano-Ab (METAR KQHJ)
Weatherstation Avao (SYNOP 917570)
Weatherstation Avila (SYNOP 082100)
Weatherstation Anguiano (METAR ES_9136X)
Weatherstation Vivian (METAR KVIV)
Weatherstation Vivian (METAR IATA_VIV)
Weatherstation Svijagino (SYNOP 319310)
Weatherstation Avalon (METAR KAVX)
Weatherstation Avalon (METAR IATA_AVX)
Weatherstation Askino (SYNOP 285220)
Weatherstation Arvika (METAR ESKV)
Weatherstation Arvika (SYNOP 024040)
Weatherstation Artvin (SYNOP 170450)

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