Observations: Weather station

No data for Synop station Avord (072570) available!

Weather station in the area

Bourges (METAR LFLD)
Bourges (SYNOP 072550)

Similar station names

Weatherstation Avord (METAR LFOA)
Weatherstation Vredendal (METAR FAVR)
Weatherstation Villa-Reynolds-A (METAR SAOR)
Weatherstation Villa-Dolores-Airport (METAR SAOD)
Weatherstation Vellore (METAR VOVR)
Weatherstation Valdez (METAR PAVD)
Weatherstation Tiruchchirapalli (METAR VOTR)
Weatherstation Tambo-International (METAR FAOR)
Weatherstation San-Antonio-Oest (METAR SAVO)
Weatherstation Reg-Dog (METAR PARD)
Weatherstation Northway (METAR PAOR)
Weatherstation Nord (SYNOP 043120)
Weatherstation Nord (SYNOP 043100)
Weatherstation Madurai (METAR VOMD)
Weatherstation El-Maiten (METAR SAVD)
Weatherstation Chicago-O'Hare (METAR KORD)
Weatherstation Bechar-Ouakda (METAR DAOR)
Weatherstation Avoca-I80 (METAR XAVO)
Weatherstation Avno (METAR EKAV)
Weatherstation Avno (SYNOP 061500)

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