Observations: Weather station

No data for Synop station Bachu (517160) available!

Weather station in the area

Bachu (SYNOP 517160)
Bachu (SYNOP 517160)
Bachu (SYNOP 517160)

Similar station names

Weatherstation Beach (METAR K20U)
Weatherstation Beach (METAR IATA_20U)
Weatherstation Bacau (METAR LRBC)
Weatherstation Bacau (SYNOP 151500)
Weatherstation Kachug (SYNOP 306220)
Weatherstation Dachau (SYNOP 108940)
Weatherstation Broach (SYNOP 428410)
Weatherstation Bauchi (SYNOP 650550)
Weatherstation Arachu (SYNOP 822940)
Weatherstation Valley-City (METAR KBAC)
Weatherstation Saint-Hubert-Airport (METAR CYHU)
Weatherstation Rauchua (SYNOP 250440)
Weatherstation Raichur (SYNOP 431690)
Weatherstation Qasigiannguit-Christianhab (METAR BGCH)
Weatherstation Pachuca (SYNOP 766320)
Weatherstation Cookhouse (METAR FACH)
Weatherstation Chapeco (METAR SBCH)
Weatherstation Bath (SYNOP 725397)
Weatherstation Bakchar (SYNOP 293280)
Weatherstation Aracatuba (METAR SBAU)

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