Observations: Weather station

No data for Synop station Bagaskar (029840) available!

Weather station in the area

Lohja Porla (SYNOP 027060)
Suomusjarvi (SYNOP 029730)
Lohja Porla (SYNOP 027060)
Salo Kiikala Airport (SYNOP 027770)
Suomusjarvi (SYNOP 029730)
Vihti Maasoja (SYNOP 027580)
Kirkkonummi Makiluot (SYNOP 027940)
Raasepori Jussaro (SYNOP 027570)

Similar station names

Weatherstation Balagansk (SYNOP 306120)
Weatherstation Ungskar (SYNOP 026660)
Weatherstation Sikasso (METAR GASK)
Weatherstation Masskar (SYNOP 029010)
Weatherstation Kenieba (METAR GAKA)
Weatherstation Hamakar (SYNOP 247180)
Weatherstation Balgair (SYNOP 946430)
Weatherstation Bakchar (SYNOP 293280)
Weatherstation Armenia-El-Eden (METAR SKAR)
Weatherstation Angissoq (METAR BGAS)
Weatherstation Aasiaat-Mittarfia (METAR BGAA)
Weatherstation Sparta (METAR IATA_SAR)
Weatherstation Nagasaki (METAR RJFU)
Weatherstation Nagasaki (SYNOP 478550)
Weatherstation Nagasaki (SYNOP 478170)
Weatherstation Maseskar (SYNOP 025080)
Weatherstation Makarska (SYNOP 144540)
Weatherstation Kargasok (SYNOP 291220)
Weatherstation Fairchild-Afb (METAR IATA_SKA)
Weatherstation Braganca (METAR LPBG)

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