Observations: Weather station

No data for Synop station Baraolt (152150) available!

Weather station in the area

Sfintu Gheorghe (SYNOP 152380)
Odorheiu (SYNOP 151680)
Homorod (SYNOP 152120)
Miercurea Ciuc (SYNOP 151700)
Odorheiu (SYNOP 151680)
Sfintu Gheorghe (SYNOP 152380)
Brasov (SYNOP 153000)
Predeal (SYNOP 153020)
Intorsura Buzaului (SYNOP 152610)

Similar station names

Weatherstation Barkol (SYNOP 521010)
Weatherstation Brat (SYNOP 259190)
Weatherstation Caracol (SYNOP 829760)
Weatherstation Barnaul (METAR UNBB)
Weatherstation Barnaul (SYNOP 298380)
Weatherstation Barisal (SYNOP 419500)
Weatherstation Barbate (METAR ES_5996B)
Weatherstation Baraboo (METAR KC85)
Weatherstation Baraboo (METAR IATA_C85)
Weatherstation Balakot (SYNOP 415360)
Weatherstation Barcarrota (METAR ES_4492E)
Weatherstation Tarapoto (METAR SPST)
Weatherstation Tarapoto (SYNOP 844550)
Weatherstation Burao (METAR HCMV)
Weatherstation Burao (SYNOP 631750)
Weatherstation Birao (METAR FEFI)
Weatherstation Birao (SYNOP 646580)
Weatherstation Barth (SYNOP 101800)
Weatherstation Barra (SYNOP 831790)
Weatherstation Barnegat (SYNOP 745900)

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