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No data for Synop station Barunhara (442410) available!

Weather station in the area

Barunhara (SYNOP 442410)
Barunhara (SYNOP 442410)
Barunhara (SYNOP 442410)

Similar station names

Weatherstation Bukhara (METAR UTSB)
Weatherstation Bukhara (METAR IATA_BHK)
Weatherstation Bukhara (SYNOP 386830)
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Weatherstation Baharia (SYNOP 624200)
Weatherstation Barra (SYNOP 831790)
Weatherstation Parhar (SYNOP 389440)
Weatherstation Carbunari (SYNOP 153630)
Weatherstation Buhera (SYNOP 678750)
Weatherstation Buhasa (METAR OMAB)
Weatherstation Buhasa (SYNOP 412265)
Weatherstation Baruth (SYNOP 103760)
Weatherstation Barshatas (SYNOP 364980)
Weatherstation Bahar-Dar (METAR HABD)
Weatherstation Bahar-Dar (SYNOP 633320)
Weatherstation Arhara (SYNOP 315940)
Weatherstation Carinhanha (SYNOP 834080)
Weatherstation Beauharnos (METAR CMBR)
Weatherstation Baruun-Urt (SYNOP 443050)
Weatherstation Barcarrota (METAR ES_4492E)

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