Observations: Weather station

No data for Synop station Batan (960870) available!

Weather station in the area

Hang Nadim (METAR WIDD)
Hang Nadim (METAR WIKB)
Paya Lebar (SYNOP 486940)
Singapore Changi Airport (SYNOP 486980)
Paya Lebar (METAR WSAP)
Singapore/Changi (METAR WSSS)

Similar station names

Weatherstation Baztan (METAR ES_1002Y)
Weatherstation Batman (METAR LTCJ)
Weatherstation Batman (SYNOP 172820)
Weatherstation Batang (SYNOP 562470)
Weatherstation Bata (METAR FGBT)
Weatherstation Batna (METAR DABT)
Weatherstation Batna (SYNOP 604680)
Weatherstation Bahta (SYNOP 237760)
Weatherstation Bastanka (SYNOP 337880)
Weatherstation Tatvan (SYNOP 172050)
Weatherstation Roatan (METAR MHRO)
Weatherstation Roatan (SYNOP 787030)
Weatherstation Baxian (SYNOP 545180)
Weatherstation Baitag (SYNOP 442650)
Weatherstation Bagani (METAR FYBG)
Weatherstation Bafata (METAR GGBF)
Weatherstation Bafata (SYNOP 617810)
Weatherstation Batajnica (METAR LYBT)
Weatherstation Uzunagac (METAR UAAN)
Weatherstation Taunton (METAR KTAN)

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