Observations: Weather station

No data for Synop station Beja (085620) available!

Weather station in the area

Beja (SYNOP 085620)

Similar station names

Weatherstation Beja (METAR LPBJ)
Weatherstation Beja (SYNOP 607230)
Weatherstation Beja (SYNOP 299620)
Weatherstation Zeja (SYNOP 313000)
Weatherstation Memmingen-Allgau (METAR EDJA)
Weatherstation Jan-Mayen (METAR ENJA)
Weatherstation J6-A-----Sea (METAR EHJA)
Weatherstation Bera (METAR ES_1010X)
Weatherstation Bega (SYNOP 959310)
Weatherstation Bega (SYNOP 949310)
Weatherstation Beeville-Muni (METAR KBEA)
Weatherstation Baja (SYNOP 129600)
Weatherstation Alderney-Channel (METAR EGJA)
Weatherstation Nerja (METAR ES_6213X)
Weatherstation Bicevaja (SYNOP 317920)
Weatherstation Berga (METAR ES_0092X)
Weatherstation Belyj (SYNOP 265850)
Weatherstation Beira (METAR FQBR)
Weatherstation Beira (SYNOP 672970)
Weatherstation Beach (METAR K20U)

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