Observations: Weather station

No data for Synop station Berovo (135980) available!

Weather station in the area

Berovo (SYNOP 135980)
Kriva Palanka (SYNOP 134930)
Berovo (SYNOP 135980)
Kustendil (SYNOP 156010)
Vinica (SYNOP 135940)
Sandanski (SYNOP 157120)

Similar station names

Weatherstation Berezovo (SYNOP 256560)
Weatherstation Berezovo (SYNOP 236310)
Weatherstation Brohovo (SYNOP 259270)
Weatherstation Serov (SYNOP 280440)
Weatherstation Leovo (SYNOP 338810)
Weatherstation Baevo (SYNOP 298270)
Weatherstation Kemerovo (METAR UNEE)
Weatherstation Kemerovo (SYNOP 296420)
Weatherstation Certkovo (SYNOP 344320)
Weatherstation Prerov (METAR LKPO)
Weatherstation Prerov (METAR IATA_PRV)
Weatherstation Millerovo (SYNOP 344380)
Weatherstation Ceremhovo (SYNOP 309440)
Weatherstation Ceremhovo (SYNOP 306170)
Weatherstation Brooks (METAR IATA_WBO)
Weatherstation Brooks (METAR CWBO)
Weatherstation Brooks (SYNOP 714570)
Weatherstation Brasov (SYNOP 153000)
Weatherstation Botevo (SYNOP 347080)
Weatherstation Boromo (METAR DFCO)

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