Observations: Weather station

No data for Synop station Berus (107040) available!

Weather station in the area

Berus (SYNOP 107040)
Luxembourg (METAR ELLX)
Luxembourg/Beggen (SYNOP 065890)
Luxembourg (SYNOP 065900)
Berus (SYNOP 107040)
Tholey (SYNOP 107060)
Saarbruecken (SYNOP 107090)
Metz-Nancy-Lorra (METAR LFJL)
Metz/Frescaty (METAR LFSF)
Metz/Frescaty (SYNOP 070900)
Metz-Nancy-Lorraine (SYNOP 070930)

Similar station names

Weatherstation Beirut (METAR OLBA)
Weatherstation Beirut (SYNOP 401000)
Weatherstation Ters (SYNOP 384660)
Weatherstation Sao-Pedro-Da-Ald (METAR SBES)
Weatherstation Rousse-Ruse (METAR LBRS)
Weatherstation Rost (METAR ENRS)
Weatherstation Reus (METAR LERS)
Weatherstation Reus (METAR LERS)
Weatherstation Resende (METAR SBRS)
Weatherstation Peru (METAR KVYS)
Weatherstation Peru (METAR IATA_VYS)
Weatherstation Meru (METAR HKMK)
Weatherstation Meru (METAR HKME)
Weatherstation Meru (SYNOP 636950)
Weatherstation Lee-On-Solent (METAR EGUS)
Weatherstation Ferdous (SYNOP 407920)
Weatherstation Eirunepe (METAR SBER)
Weatherstation Bust (SYNOP 409880)
Weatherstation Broadus (METAR K4BQ)
Weatherstation Broadus (METAR IATA_4BQ)

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