Observations: Weather station

No data for Metar station Biskra (DAUB) available!

Weather station in the area

Biskra (SYNOP 605250)
Biskra (SYNOP 605250)
Biskra (SYNOP 605250)

Similar station names

Weatherstation Biskra (SYNOP 605250)
Weatherstation Sauoarkrokur (METAR BIKR)
Weatherstation Ikateq (METAR BIKA)
Weatherstation Bira (SYNOP 316180)
Weatherstation Bisha (METAR OEBH)
Weatherstation Bisha (SYNOP 410840)
Weatherstation Biser (SYNOP 281380)
Weatherstation Birsk (SYNOP 286210)
Weatherstation Birao (METAR FEFI)
Weatherstation Birao (SYNOP 646580)
Weatherstation Bijsk (SYNOP 299390)
Weatherstation Beira (METAR FQBR)
Weatherstation Beira (SYNOP 672970)
Weatherstation Bistrita (SYNOP 150850)
Weatherstation Baisoara (SYNOP 151630)
Weatherstation Bouira (SYNOP 604170)
Weatherstation Bissau (METAR GGOV)
Weatherstation Bisert (SYNOP 284320)
Weatherstation Bisary (SYNOP 354590)
Weatherstation Birzai (SYNOP 265310)

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