Observations: Weather station

No data for Synop station Bitung (970160) available!

Weather station in the area

Menado/Sam Ratulang (SYNOP 970140)
Menado/Sam Ratul (METAR WAMM)

Similar station names

Weatherstation Binga (METAR FVBI)
Weatherstation Binga (SYNOP 677550)
Weatherstation Litang (SYNOP 562570)
Weatherstation Kiunga (SYNOP 940010)
Weatherstation Bingol (METAR LTCU)
Weatherstation Bingol (SYNOP 172030)
Weatherstation Batang (SYNOP 562470)
Weatherstation Baitag (SYNOP 442650)
Weatherstation Jiulong (SYNOP 564620)
Weatherstation Chilung (SYNOP 466940)
Weatherstation Britton (METAR KBTN)
Weatherstation Britton (METAR IATA_BTN)
Weatherstation Bingley (SYNOP 033440)
Weatherstation Beijing (SYNOP 545110)
Weatherstation Baoqing (SYNOP 508880)
Weatherstation Baoding (SYNOP 546020)
Weatherstation Bandung (SYNOP 967830)
Weatherstation Uruguaiana-Rubem (METAR SBUG)
Weatherstation Tucurui (METAR SBTU)
Weatherstation Titu (SYNOP 154190)

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